November 18, 2013

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

The past week has been a whirlwind! Ups downs side to sides..a few moments I thought to myself is this life? Constantly fighting.. Some days it’s tooth and nail.. Asking myself do I want it bad enough am I strong enough then I get angry because I’ve worked too damn hard and come to damn far to even think about settling for mediocrity. I’m not living check to check..when I tell my son he can’t have something, I don’t want to be thinking about whether or not I can afford it. I need my peace of mind. I only find peace when I conquer a challenge. The present challenge is myself. I have to bear down and kick my own ass into gear. I can’t let thoughts of how I may be negatively perceived as a single unwed mother by people in my community clutter my head. I need to be spending that energy and thought power thinking of ways to challenge my son more and to help him improve his reading comprehension. Instead of calculating and recalculating my expenses I need to focus on sticking to my budget. I need to accept that I am one person and I can only do so much and stop rushing my life away

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