Childhood Memory

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

When they tell it like it is..

“He thinks he’s the KING of everybody, but he really isn’t PaPa is😁”

When I think about my childhood memories of summer..

I think of mudpies in the backyard on Kentucky.  The ashy asphalt driveway. Tall picket wooden red fence. (A couple holes perfect for peeping in the well kept empty lot next door.) Along the back of the yard, a fence that backed up to the ally.

The other side…covered with a mystical green leaves and mulberries! Next to that a metal sun table perfect for setting drinks or manufacturing mudpies. We always made them in secret, because we knew they would tell us not to. We always knew RIGHT from WRONG..hemhem #SANDRABLAND #BLACKLIVESMATTER #CECILWASMYDISTANTCOUSIN ON MY ANCESTORS’ side ✊🏾

I digress.

It would be hot.  We loved to see mom, dad, Uncle or Auntie coming back from  the store. There was sure to be some chips, candy, pickle, or soda in that bag for us!😃Jumping off the porch. Beautiful caterpillars and a bounty of beautifully scattered red roses. Hiding on the huge front porch while spying on neighbors or passers by. After the street lights came on… Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, the Aggie Usedly with the 3 and 4 digit numbers.  The wicker chair next to the fire place. The dark wooden mantel, the huge mirrors. Not too many hiding places, but we made it work.

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