Ujima Services is a business development consulting firm. We work with small women owned businesses and entrepreneurs. We facilitate business development, and help small businesses grow and scale. As small business owners it is easy to get caught up working in your business, that opportunities to grow and scale may be overlooked. Continuous process development, accountability, and resource audits allow us to empower our clients to implement increasingly efficient and profitable systems as well as benefit from resources made available to small business owners. In addition to business development we help our clients develop and strengthen strategic relationships. These relationships may be with their clients, influencers, or even elected officials. We also bring great value to our clients by vetting and providing them introductions to professional experts as needed. Whether it be an attorney, prospective staff members, or a PR firm, we specialize in developing relationships and trust. It is not always easy for small businesses to invest in the expertise and experience that may be required, however at times it can be costly not to.  We have a track record of expanding our client’s markets, recognition, relationships, and revenue. Increasing focus on efficient business growth, development of existing staff, and accountability. Small businesses trust us because we are often already a trusted source in their communities. We provide business owners peace of mind that their growth, scalability, and profitability is our priority. We believe that healthy small business growth and development benefits the business and the communities they serve.